BCN-TV goes digital

Time-Warner Cable made all public, educational, and government channels exclusively digital.

For households currently receiving BCN-TV, it remains in your packageóbut if you have an analog television, you may need a digital adapter to receive it. Adapters are available free from Time-Warner for a limited time.

Once the adapter is installed, it will scan for the BCN-TV signal, locating it between 116 and 118, according to Time-Warner.

If you have a television with a built-in digital cable tuner such as QAM, you can view BCN-TV without an additional adapter.

You may order a digital adapter online at or call Time-Warner customer service at 1-855-286-1736. They will provide installation instructions and phone help. If you need on-site assistance, call the Time-Warner customer care number on your monthly statement.

BCN-TV studio manager Janice Irwin is available to answer your questions and help direct you to BCN-TV. Contact her at 439-9314 ext. 6.


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last updated on Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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