wireless and mobile printing

We now offer printing from laptops, netbooks, most mobile devices and even from home.

how to print
To print your document or web page, click on the link below to go to our printing portal page.
Follow the on-screen instructions to print your document.


  • Each of your print jobs is given a unique release code.
  • The release code is displayed on your screen and e-mailed to you, if you provide an optional e-mail address.
  • Make note of the release code; you will need it to print your document.
  • If you lose the release code and don't provide an optional e-mail address, you will not be able to print your document.
  • Enter the release code on the keypad located next to the printer at the Information Desk.

how to print from a mobile device
To print an email message or attachment, simply forward your email to


You will be sent a release code for the email message and each attachment.
Use these release codes to retrieve your documents.

privacy and security
This portal uses SSL to ensure the security of your transaction. The printer for this portal uses a privacy system. Your documents are held in a privacy print queue until you are present at the printer to authorize their release.

  • You are provided with a unique release code for each document you print.
  • Documents are not printed until you enter the release code at the keypad next to the printer located at the Information Desk.
  • The document is permanently deleted upon processing.
  • Documents left unprinted for more that 24 hours are automatically deleted.
  • Once printed, documents cannot be re-printed.

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