Snowy Stories Contest

Celebrate all things winter and show off your creative writing skills at the same time! From December 21 to January 29, we’re inviting kids and teens in grades K-12 to write and submit an original short story by e-mailing it to us at Stories incorporating visual elements may be e-mailed as PDFs. Winners will be posted online in February.

Need help getting started? Here are some story prompts to try: 

  • It is the first big snow of the winter. What will you do?
  • You are an animal preparing for the winter, when it begins to snow. 
  • You are taking a walk on a snowy day, when you notice a set of footprints leading off the trail and into the woods. 
  • Write a story about the coldest you have ever been. 
  • Write a story about your favorite thing to do outside on a snow day. 

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